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The Third Commandment tells us to “keep holy the Sabbath.” For Catholics, this includes attending Sunday Mass. Some of us may ask, “Do we really need to go every Sunday?  Isn’t praying at home good enough?”  But God wants us there every Sunday because He loves us and wants us to be one with HIM through Holy Communion, the Bread of Life.  There is a place set for each of us at the table and each time we go to Mass gives us a chance to feed our souls.  With special guests from Hero Youth Group, Holy Eucharist Church, Tabernacle, New Jersey


The Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church states that, God “looks at every person and loves him as though he were the only creature in the world.”  Spotlight guest Emily Dayton co-founder of the “You Cannot Be Replaced” organization and movement believes this with all of her heart.  In this episode she shares about how she wants everyone to recognize their value and worth…. that each one of us is remarkable and infinitely unique…we are IRREPLACEABLE! With special guests from Donovan Catholic High School in Toms River, New Jersey