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Some of us may feel content with our lives just the way they are. But improvement to ourselves and our relationship with God should be an ongoing endeavor, and it does not occur without a little motivation, contemplation and action on our part. We may think we have a pretty good relationship with God…but we can always discover and experience God and Jesus in new ways. These experiences can bring us even closer to God. We can always work on doing a better “job” at living a life as a Christian.


God has created each one of us to be our best self; nothing less, nothing more. There can be a lot of pressure for us socially to be something we’re not, or to do something that really isn’t who we are.  Compromising who we are for the sake of popularity is never worth it.  As Catholic Christians we are not called to follow the ways of the world, but to follow Jesus.  We are called to be our true self.


While dating is an exciting part of growing up, our culture’s expectations of us are often quite different from what God desires for our relationships.  In many ways, our dating experiences shape us and help us grow as people.  The dating experience can also give us tools to help us love one another honestly and completely in all of our relationships.  But God wants us to find true love that is more amazing than we could ever imagine and this is only possible if we let Him lead us to it and if we learn to put others before ourselves.


Throughout the Gospels, Jesus tells us that this journey called life will not always be easy. But that even in our darkest moments –when we feel most alone — He will always be there to help us up  …and that with Him, we will have the strength to keep moving forward and bouncing back.  We will survive the hard times and the challenges we face with Jesus as our rock.