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Keeping promises sounds easy. Most of the time we associate it with keeping secrets. While they are two distinctly different things, whether it means keeping a private matter to oneself, or honoring a pledge, they both require one to be trustworthy. Just as God fulfills His promises to us we are called to fulfill our promises. As Catholic/Christians we are expected to be loyal and true to our word.


Many young people feel the pain of a loneliness that is not easily cured by being in the company of others. It is not always easy to say where the feeling comes from or what causes it. Sometimes we can trace it to the loss of someone we care about. It can also start with a sense that we don’t “fit in” with the crowd and build over time.

How can we learn to rely on God’s grace and constant companionship to give us the strength in the dark times? How can the prayer of others lift us up when we are struggling? How can God heal our pain and give us new hope?