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As followers of Christ we are called to be peacemakers. But how do we make peace in a world that sometimes seems like it is full of violence and hate? On the news we witness wars and violence. Even in our schools and communities we witness fights, disagreements and actions that are not working toward peace, but toward unrest. So, is peace something we can ever find? In such a big world of people who don’t agree, can peace ever be something we reach?


Diana von Glahn, host of the EWTN television series , The Faithful Traveler shares about the many beliefs we hold about Mary, the mother of God and why she is so revered in our Catholic faith. Diana also shares how she finds strength in her devotion to Mary, especially in meditating on the sorrows Mary experienced in witnessing the Passion of her son.


Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. This line from the prayer that Jesus taught us, the Our Father is at the heart of Christianity. As Christians we are called to show mercy. Spotlight guest Priscilla LaPorte had a difficult time to rediscover mercy in her life when her brother was killed in the Virginia Tech Shooting.

Inspired by Jesus’ act of mercy to save the world, Priscilla shared how choosing mercy over hate and anger has helped her to get through the difficult times she faces because of her brother’s death.


We can learn a lot from our pets. Our pets can be cute, funny, cuddly or full of energy. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or hamster, they fill our homes, lives and families with life and love. In many ways they unconditional way of loving us imitate the way that God loves us.


How we can discern our calling, and discover the vocation God has intended for us. How can discernment, a spiritual process using prayer and meditation help us determine God’s will for us in choosing the right vocation and career path? Special guest Paul Houlis, who is a seminarian/transitional deacon shares how he discovered his own vocation as a Catholic priest.


To be a servant and a leader may appear to contradict each other; but Jesus was both a servant and a leader. He showed humility and led by his example. He showed us the way to live, the way to lead and the way to love. He led by serving. Jesus was a true servant leader.


The reality of being human is that throughout our lives we fall to sin and it can make us feel unworthy. We remember through, that because of God’s love for us, because he gave us His only son, Jesus Christ, we have been redeemed. The fact is that none of us is worthy, but we are healed by God’s love and forgiveness.


Recovering from an addiction is overwhelming especially for teenagers. One thing is for sure that, as stated in the third of 12 steps of recovery; “You must make a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as you understand Him.” How can a strong faith and relationship with God help those who suffer with addictions to find hope and get on the road to recovery.