You know that God has a plan for your life and you pray for guidance to discover “your” plan.  So what happens when you’re still not sure what the plan is?  What do we do next?  It isn’t always easy to realize what God wants us to do.  Sometimes we reach a little bump on our spiritual road.  But God never abandons us, He gives us signs.  What are some of these signs and how can we learn to recognize these signs along our spiritual journey so we know what God wants us to do now?


Our Catholic identity goes beyond just attending Mass every Sunday, acknowledging that we are Catholic or wearing a crucifix or religious jewelry or clothing.  Our Catholic identity is wrapped up in how we live out our faith.  It is putting our belief in Christ and His Church into action and incorporating our faith beliefs into our daily life. What are some ways that we show our friends and our community that we are Catholic?  Would others identify us as Catholics by our actions and behavior?  How can we better form our own sense of Catholic identity?


Youth ministry is the ministry of young people in the church.  It’s how young people are incorporated into the life of the parish community  This can mean many things, like being an altar server, volunteering to help teach Religious Education or Vacation Bible School, singing in the choir or folk group, or participating in the parish youth group.  Do you participate in the activities in your church community?  Is your church teen friendly?  Does it promote the active participation of young people?  Why should young people be active in our church community?  What do we get out of it?


There are many types of disabilities that a person may have, like someone may not be able to walk, or see or hear…or even communicate with us.   Some disabilities are more noticeable than others… but whatever the disability….we must remember that the disability does not define us.  We are all first and foremost defined as sons and daughters of God, each with unique gifts and talents to contribute to the world.  So what can we learn from people who have physical and mental disabilities? How can we see past their disability and get to know the person inside?


A kid is being bullied in the hallway at school … someone is getting teased for a stutter … a close friend of yours is being mocked because of a new haircut. Do you join in on the bullying or teasing, or do you speak up and stand up for your brothers and sisters in need? What would Jesus do? What does our Catholic Christian faith tell us to do for the voiceless and the downcast?


Many of us find a place of creativity in ourselves. We play instruments, sing, or write music. Even if we aren’t artistic geniuses, many of us have written a poem or two, created stories, drawn or painted. How can we take these creative gifts and talents to create works and stories that reflect the beauty of God? How can we do this in a way that may not even necessarily be outwardly religious? How can we lift the spirits of others by sharing with them some aspect of the presence of God in our midst?


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Diana von Glahn, host of the EWTN television series , The Faithful Traveler shares about the many beliefs we hold about Mary, the mother of God and why she is so revered in our Catholic faith. Diana also shares how she finds strength in her devotion to Mary, especially in meditating on the sorrows Mary experienced in witnessing the Passion of her son.