Prayer Requests/FAQs

RFTV is here for you in the best way we know how – through our prayers for your specific requests to a loving, just, and compassionate God who hears and answers prayer in way God knows is best for us. Reach out and submit your requests. Leave your name or be anonymous if you wish – our prayer team (made up of teens, priests, and others) will pray with you for your prayer requests.

Our prayer team is made up of Catholic and/or Christian youth and adults who could commit to taking time every day to pray:

(1) for the prayer requests and the needs of the teens who write in with their prayer requests;

(2) that Realfaith TV & its team members would be faithful to the Gospel and God’s direction in their lives;

(3) that God would use the program to help transform the lives teens, become committed disciples of Jesus Christ, strengthen their faith, and help transform their communities;

(4) that through the Holy Spirit, God would open the hearts those who do not yet have a relationship with him.