Throughout the Gospels, Jesus tells us that this journey called life will not always be easy. But that even in our darkest moments –when we feel most alone — He will always be there to help us up  …and that with Him, we will have the strength to keep moving forward and bouncing back.  We will survive the hard times and the challenges we face with Jesus as our rock.




How we can discern our calling, and discover the vocation God has intended for us. How can discernment, a spiritual process using prayer and meditation help us determine God’s will for us in choosing the right vocation and career path? Special guest Paul Houlis, who is a seminarian/transitional deacon shares how he discovered his own vocation as a Catholic priest.



Can we still be fashionable and in style when we dress modestly? Flip through the pages of any fashion magazine and you’ll see pictures of short skirts and low-cut tops.  Many of us follow these trends without really thinking about what these clothes, or lack of them, say about us. The way we dress can say much more than we might intend. How do we reveal the respect and dignity we possess by the way we dress?  With special guests from St. Gregory the Great Youth Group in Hamilton Square, New Jersey