Are the energy drinks that are loaded with caffeine really worth it? Do they really give us energy? Are they healthy? What are the risks? What does this have to do with our faith? The Catechism reminds us that “Life and physical health are precious gifts entrusted to us by God. We must take reasonable care of them.” Taking reasonable care, among other things, can mean getting plenty of sleep, eating well, and exercising. It also can mean that we must make good and healthy decisions. Do we really need all that caffeine and what are some other alternatives to getting an energy boost?






Sadness, although can sometimes be helped with professional help, it doesn’t always require it and is a normal reaction to the losses we experience. When we recognize sadness as a natural occurrence that comes to us all from time to time, we are better able to help ourselves and others through the challenge. Jesus experienced sadness throughout His life on earth. We can learn from His example, as well as look to Him for support during our sad times.



It’s never easy to leave things or people and move on to something new and unknown.  But whether we recognize it or not, we grow and mature through times of transition in our lives.  And while we may want to hang on to life as it once was, we can’t let fear hold us back. Being able to transition smoothly is key to our recovery and can determine how quickly we can move on. With special guests from Active Catholic Teens Youth Group from the Church of St. Ann in Lawrenceville, New Jersey