A spiritual pilgrimage offers a great opportunity to open ourselves to God’s presence, and His many healings and graces.  This journey could be to a place where a saint lived, or churches and shrines where holy things were venerated, or where relics from saints are kept.  Wherever it is, it can be a chance to experience God in a profound and personal way.  Spotlight guest Summer shares about her experience on a pilgrimage where she found healing through prayer and the strength to turn her life around from the depression she was experiencing.


We can learn a lot from our pets. Our pets can be cute, funny, cuddly or full of energy. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird or hamster, they fill our homes, lives and families with life and love. In many ways they unconditional way of loving us imitate the way that God loves us.


Technology has made people all over the world more available to one another in many ways.  Social Networks, texting and video chatting have made it easy for us to connect with our friends at any time of the day or night. But can this technology replace in-person face to face communication?  Does technology interfere with the way we communicate on a human level? Are we losing the ability to talk face to face with one another?


We live in an age when we have become dependent on technology.  Of course technology  in many ways, has made our lives and our work easier.  But what about the negative ways technology can impact our lives when we overuse it?  Some of these effects can include: the disturbance of our sleep cycles; interference with our homework and in-person social interaction.  What about our faith life?  Can technology take us away from our time with God or are there ways it can draw us closer?  Spotlight guest Josh who gave up technology for a week, shares how this experience has helped to deepen his faith and build a stronger relationship with God.


The reality of being human is that throughout our lives we fall to sin and it can make us feel unworthy. We remember through, that because of God’s love for us, because he gave us His only son, Jesus Christ, we have been redeemed. The fact is that none of us is worthy, but we are healed by God’s love and forgiveness.


Recovering from an addiction is overwhelming especially for teenagers. One thing is for sure that, as stated in the third of 12 steps of recovery; “You must make a decision to turn your will and your life over to the care of God as you understand Him.” How can a strong faith and relationship with God help those who suffer with addictions to find hope and get on the road to recovery.


Sometimes satisfying our curiosity and seeking out an adventure can be as easy as opening a book. But most of the time, we need that first-hand experience in order feel a sense of thrill and accomplishment. For some of us, adventure can be simply trying something new or overcoming a fear. All of this is very good, and is part of how God created us to be. But like all things, it can go too far, and put us and others in harm’s way.


To be a servant and a leader may appear to contradict each other; but Jesus was both a servant and a leader. He showed humility and led by his example. He showed us the way to live, the way to lead and the way to love. He led by serving. Jesus was a true servant leader.