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Bread for Days By Alexis Fuentes, Fiat Ventures

“Bread for Days”,  By Alexis Fuentes, Fiat Ventures

Have you ever thought about how obsessed we are about bread? Seriously! We could talk about bread for days! We’ve got Italian bread, banana bread, French toast, sourdough, Ezekiel bread, gluten-free, bread pudding… the list goes on and on. We have a love/hate relationship with bread. Is it bad for us? Good for us? We can’t decide. Dieticians have made a billion dollar industry around the conversation of bread. And chefs around the world continue to pursue its culinary perfection.

Bread is universal. In its simplicity, it transcends cultures, generations, and social class. It’s the reliable gift of the earth that will always satisfy our hunger…Which is why bread is the perfect offering of Jesus.  In His infinite wisdom, Jesus knew that bread would speak to all his people, the proud and the meek, the humble and the strong. When we break bread together, no matter what our differences may be, we share the same basic truth: “I am empty, and I’ve come to be filled.”

Our Jesus sees us, as we truly are — the whole package — body and spirit made one in the image of God. He loves us and wants to see us thrive. In the Gospel this week, Jesus offers us the living bread. The bread nourishes us, body and soul. He doesn’t just offer us bread that takes care of our physical matter, nor does he just offer blessings that nurture the spirit. His mystical gift serves the whole person, and brings the whole person into friendship with the Lord.

Jesus is not blind to our hunger. He can see what we so desperately need. Just as the body hungers for sustenance, the soul hungers for life! It hungers for freedom, for justice, for renewal, and for joy. It hungers to return to the heart of the Creator, from whence it came.

By its very nature, bread tells the story of the Christian life. The seed of Love is planted within us. We are nurtured, and grown. Through the moral life we are separated from the chaff, and through suffering we are ground.  In the end, we are joined together in the Fire so that our lives become nourishment for the whole human family. Jesus is our living bread, and to be like Him is to be bread for the world.

Today, let us not be blind to our own hunger. Let us receive the living bread and allow it work in us. Let us praise God for our own common emptiness that compels us all to our Lord’s table. Let us take and eat and live forever with Jesus. Let us receive and then be life for the world.




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