My Spot, By Brian Flanagan, Fiat Ventures

“My Spot”

By Brian Flanagan, Fiat Ventures

Ascension Thursday and the Seventh Sunday of Easter

There’s a particular spot on my couch where I always sit.  It’s my spot.  Sure, when we have company over I don’t kick people out of it who don’t know any better, but when everybody leaves at the end of the evening and I go to watch an episode of Friends,  I don’t have to think twice about where I’ll sit.  It’s my spot.  My throne as it were.

My dad has a spot too, on his couch.  Often when I’m at my parents’ house, I’ll sit in his spot just to give him a hard time.  Of course My mom has a spot as well.

My wife has a spot in our living room.  My toddler son seems to have claimed the entire house as his spot, but that’s another story.

Most of us have “our spot.”  Maybe we always sit in the same seat in the car while our parents are driving.  Maybe our family always sits in the same pew at Mass.  And certainly when it comes to the couch, everyone has their own spot.

This Thursday we celebrated the Ascension of Jesus to heaven.  The day when after his years spent on earth for our salvation, he got to sit in his spot again – at the right hand of the Father, that is.

I’m sure it was a pleasant enough experience for Jesus, ascending to heaven with all of the heavenly hosts worshiping him and giving him the glory and honor he’s due.  But that’s not why we celebrate the Ascension.  Jesus doesn’t “need” our feast days, he’s God – he doesn’t “need” anything.  Instead, we celebrate the Ascension for our own benefit – as a reminder that Jesus has gone before us to prepare a place for us in heaven.

In his letter to the Ephesians, St. Paul says that we have been raised up with Christ and made to sit in heavenly places with him.  Do you realize what this means?  I get a new spot!  A heavenly spot!

It’s also a reminder of who Jesus really is – the God of the Universe who humbled himself for a time, but returned to his glorious throne.  So it begs the question for us – is Jesus sitting on the throne of our hearts?  If not, what is?

Sports?  Grades?  Relationships?  A job?  Music?  Ourselves?  During this time between Ascension and Pentecost, let’s ask ourselves whether Jesus is truly seated on the throne of our hearts.  If he’s not, perhaps we can re-prioritize some things in life.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would show you where you can make some more room for God, and that at Pentecost, a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit would give you the grace to let Jesus have his throne – and think how amazing it will be when one day you finally get to sit on your own heavenly throne.

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