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13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

My two year old son loves to interrupt me.  He has a sense of urgency about everything, which most of the time is cute.  He needs to find his Paw Patrol toys NOW.  He wants to go outside to chase the squirrels NOW.  (Funny how this applies to everything but bedtime).

But sometimes NOW is not the most convenient time for me.  For example, last night I was in the middle of cooking dinner and couldn’t drop everything to run over to the window to look at the bunny in the yard.  Once I was on an important call, but he wanted to show me the toy boats he put in the toilet (actually I’m glad he did, that scenario has ended in disaster in the past).  Cooking dinner and being on the phone were important.  But in a different sense, so were the bunny and the boats.

I’m not saying toddlers should have free reign to interrupt their parents whenever they want and not learn manners and patience.  But sometimes all of us need to re-evaluate which is really more important in a given moment.

The Gospel this week tells of Jesus calling certain people to follow him.  Each gives one excuse or another why NOW is not the best time, but after they take care of a few items on the to-do list, THEN they’ll be ready to follow him.  But it doesn’t work that way.  We need to be ready to follow Jesus at the drop of a hat.  It doesn’t take anything away from the important things of life, but we need to learn to prioritize putting God first.

This could be a small thing, like putting aside an important homework assignment to talk to a friend in a crisis, even if it means a little less sleep and another cup of coffee to get us through the final pages afterward.  Or it could be a big thing – perhaps God is calling you to the priesthood or to religious life and he’s asking you to put aside your big Wall Street career plans, even if just for a time, to check it out and see.   

Sometimes we do this in a general way with our life of faith.  We think that when we’re older, when we’re more settled in life, that will be the time for faith.  That will be the time to work on our friendship with God, to become the saints God is calling us to be.  But the call to be holy comes NOW!  

So this week, ask yourself the question; “If not now, when?”  

P.S. If a toddler ever tells you the fork is making fireworks in the microwave, that’s best dealt with NOW.

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