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Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

This Sunday, we celebrate feast of Christ the King.  Jesus is King.  Where have I heard that recently?  Ah, yes.  Kanye’s album.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock like Patrick Star, you’ve surely heard about this album and might have even memorized every lyric, note, and beat by now.

You’ve probably also heard plenty of talk about people wondering whether this superstar has had a true conversion to Christ, or whether it’s essentially a publicity stunt.  It seems like it’s the real deal, but the answer really isn’t even important for the point I want to make here.  I think all of the buzz surrounding the album is worth discussing for itself.

Because of the album, Christ is in the hearts, on the lips, and in the Air Pods right now of people who never would have given him a second thought before.  People who were content talking about Jesus as though he were a good moral teacher or an important historical figure are now asking themselves, “What if he’s more than that?”  And what an important question to ask.  I just read an article titled, “How Kanye’s ‘Jesus is King’ Made Me Appreciate Christianity for the First Time.”  The more Christ is proclaimed in the world, the more it invites people to ask that question.

Jesus poses the question to his disciples (and to us) in the Gospels, asking, “Who do you say that I am?”  The author C.S. Lewis (yes, the Narnia guy) popularized a simple argument called the Trilemma, which goes something like this; Jesus claimed to be God.  That claim is either true or it’s false.  If it’s false, and he knew it was false, that would make him a Liar.  But a liar has something to gain, and Jesus lost everything and died in the end (if you don’t buy the Resurrection).  If it’s false, and he didn’t know it was false, that would make him a Lunatic.  But with all of the thousands of people who followed Jesus and the many who gave their lives for believing in this man, it’s not likely that he was crazy either.

So we’re left the scenario where it’s true – that Jesus claimed to be God, and that it’s true, which would make him the Lord.  This isn’t supposed to be some airtight proof, but it’s pretty compelling.  And if he’s the Lord of our lives – the King of our lives and everything we do – then what does that look like for us?

Let’s take some time this week to reflect on that.  Is Jesus the Lord of my friendships?  My job?  My schoolwork?  My sports?  My family relationships?  My decisions?  For those areas where he is, that’s great and we can say with Kanye, “Jesus is King!” and mean it.  For those areas where he’s not so much, let’s reflect on what changes we can make, and where we can invite Jesus further in.  If he really is who he says he is, let’s give our whole lives to him, and proclaim to the world by our lives that Christ is King. 

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