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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Have you ever been scared of the dark when you were younger (or maybe still are)? If so, would you turn on every light in the house just to go to the bathroom? I definitely did! The bathroom where I used to live with my parents was completely opposite from my room. I had to cross the living room, the kitchen, a hall, and a storage room just to get to the bathroom. A short walk felt like a journey that Mr. Frodo had to go through to get his ring (Lord of the Rings).

As I was getting ready to go to the bathroom, I’d prepare myself physically and mentally to run to every light switch, turn it on, and run to the next switch until I made it safely to the bathroom. Same exercise running back. One day, my dad approached me, a little annoyed of all the lights turned on at 2am and said “If you truly believe God is taking care of you, why be scared? You have to believe God is watching over his little princess no matter where you are or what time it is.” Hearing these words changed my mentality. I began walking through the dark singing one of the praises I’d hear in church for Mass or a holy hour. It was then that I realized that God’s light was within me.

In the readings this week, the first reading, psalm and Gospel talk about being a light in the world. The first reading talks about feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless and other things that might sound like good ways to serve, but not necessarily part of everyday life. But let’s change the words a bit. “Share your bread with the hungry” – sit at the lunch table with someone who’s alone. “Do not turn your back on your own,” don’t gossip or hurt anyone in school, team, group or family, in any way, shape or form. “Shelter the homeless,” try to do a good deed or favor for your friend, classmate, or family member without expecting anything in return.  We should bring the light of Christ into the world not just through the occasional soup kitchen service trip, but every day, even in small ways.

In the second reading, we hear about not resting “on human wisdom but on the power of God.” Have you noticed how everyone is on their phone now? Texting for the most part or posting videos or pictures on different sources of social media? Why is that? Usually, the individual feels lonely or is looking for validation. If they don’t have a certain amount of “friends” or “followers,” they might feel like they don’t measure up. Another thing that seems to matter is the way you dress. Who has what brands (if they even have any name brand)? What phone are they using? These types of questions create some sort of feudal pyramid, but instead of kings and nobles and peasants, society uses “popular” kids, “nerds,” “geeks,” “athletes,” etc. The light of Christ shows us and others what is truly important, and what has only passing value in this life.

If you pay attention to the readings, you’ll see that it’s telling us that we were created to be different. To be a “light” in this world that sometimes can be filled with darkness. Break away from the cliques. Be different. Be kind. Be selfless. Be the person God created you to be. Will it be easy? Of course not! Will you need help and comfort sometimes? Definitely! But in those same readings, we are assured that God is going to be with us.

Call out to Him, and He will find different ways to comfort us exactly how we need it. He will send the Holy Spirit to help guide us. So, what are you waiting for?! Go out there and show the world that society CANNOT limit you using labels or social media! Go out there and show that little light of yours, and let it shine, let it shine, LET IT SHINE!

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