“Christ Is In Our Midst” By Veronica Caballero, Fiat Ventures

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Third Sunday of Easter

Man, are these crazy times or what? During hard times, people usually resort to one of two things; despair, believing all is lost and wondering where God is, or hope, hope in the Lord, trusting that He has everything under control. I think we’d all like to say that in difficult moments we’re hopeful with our faith placed in the Lord, but having faith can sometimes be easier said than done.

In the Gospel this Sunday, two of Jesus’ disciples were on the road to a town called Emmaus, talking about everything that had just gone down. Jesus the Nazarene, “a prophet mighty in deed and word before God and all the people,” had been handed over to be crucified. His disciples believed that he was the Messiah, the one that had come to fulfill the prophesies, they had believed he was the one that was going to redeem Israel, they hoped that he was going to be the one to save them.

After watching the man who was supposed to be God, die on a cross like the worst of thieves, things were looking pretty hopeless. After all, if he really were the Savior, how could he be dead??? They didn’t understand what was going on then, but God knew exactly what He was doing.

On the road to Emmaus, as these two disciples were talking, Jesus himself began walking with them and began talking to them, but they didn’t recognize who it was. Christ was with them the entire time but they were so caught up in their confusion and despair that they didn’t recognize him even when he was right there in front of them.

If you’re wondering where God is right now or what He’s doing, here’s an answer. He’s right here, and he’s doing something great.

God works best in messes. In what seemed like the most hopeless of all scenarios, the Son of God dying on a cross, God brought about the greatest gift we could’ve received, the gift of having the opportunity to live with Him forever. You may be going through a hard time right now, a lot of people are, we’re all dealing with this uncertain time in different ways. But in ugly times, God brings about great beauty.

And he’s doing beautiful things now. In our families, for the earth, in our hearts. He’s asking us to open our eyes, our hearts, and our homes to him so that he’ll be able to create beauty out of this mess.

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