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By Jonathan Camiolo –

There was a popular comedy in 2005, Wedding Crashers.  It seems like a crazy idea to crash weddings.  I don’t seem to need to be a wedding “crasher” these days; I have been getting invited to a lot of weddings.  It seems that every time I turn around, someone else is getting engaged.  It is exciting news to hear when your friends have found someone to spend their life with.  Over the last year, it seemed like there was one every month or so.  This year is looking busy on the wedding schedule again.  One of the hardest things when getting invited to so many weddings is to think of a creative and useful gift to give.  I used to simply give money, but recently I have been trying to put a little more thought and effort in to choosing and buying wedding gifts.

Can you imagine of everyone simply brought all of the same gifts to a wedding?  If everyone gave the same gift it would be boring to open presents.  Part of the excitement in getting gifts is being delightfully surprised by what someone bought for you.  If you aren’t married, think about your birthday or Christmas.  Getting different gifts is a lot of fun.

In the Gospel, we hear that Jesus was at the wedding in the town of Cana.  He was invited to this wedding; Mary, His mother, was there too.  During the party, they ran out of wine.  That seems like it would put quite a damper on a celebration like a wedding.  It is a famous scripture story of Jesus because it was the first miracle He ever performed.  When they ran out of wine, Mary found out, told Jesus, and then told the waiters to do whatever Jesus told them.  Jesus did not seem to want to deal with the problem of no more wine, but because His mother requested it of Him, He took care of it.  He had the wait staff fill the wine jugs with water, and then miraculously, it was turned to wine.

Jesus’ miracle sounds like quite a wedding gift.  His gift of the wine miracle was unique and special, something they would remember and truly appreciate.  He not only made the water wine, but better wine than they had before the miracle.

Speaking of gifts, St. Paul tells us that God gives each of us different gifts, all from the same spirit in the second reading from Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.  Each of the followers of Christ receives gifts from God through the power of the Holy Spirit.  God does not give everyone the same gifts though.  Some receive the spiritual gift of prophecy, others healing, others faith and others the wisdom to discern and make good judgment.  God gives each of us different gifts as He sees fit in His infinite wisdom.

We don’t have the same spiritual gifts or abilities or talents as others in our life.  Some gifts we share with others, and others we don’t.  Each of us is a part of the body of Christ.  It is when we all work together and use the gifts God has given to us that body of Christ is functioning at its fullest potential. We can do so much good when we use the different gifts that God has given to us. As we think this month, consider what gifts God has given to you and how you can use them for others and to serve the body of Christ.


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