“You’ve got the wrong guy!” By: Brian Flanagan, Fiat Ventures

Third Sunday of Lent

Brian sits down with morning cup of coffee.  Opens laptop. 

“Hey look, new job postings on God’s website.  Hmm I’ve been meaning to put my faith into action lately.  Let’s see what’s listed.  Ah, here’s a job for someone with great administrative skills who loves music and dumb YouTube videos.  Sounds perfect for me!  I should apply.”

Brian refills coffee.  Thinks about washing dishes in sink.  Doesn’t.  Returns to laptop.

“Wow, God emailed me back already!  That was fast.  Let’s see what it says.”

“Dear Brian, greetings from Heaven!  This is St. Peter reaching out to you on God’s behalf.  He’d like you to know your application has been accepted!  You start today!  Your first task: reach out to the lonely guy at work today and invite him over for dinner.”

Brian spits out coffee.  Brian wipes off laptop screen.

“Whoa, whoa, this can’t be right.  That’s not what I applied for!  That’s not what I’m good at!  He’s got the wrong guy!  I better email him back.”

“Brian!  St. Peter here again.  LOL I spit out my coffee when I saw you do it.  Hilarious.  Mine was decaf of course (remember Heaven is a 12-hour time diff).  If I drink caffeine this late I’ll never get to sleep.  Anyhoo…God says to tell you that it’s not a mistake, and that really is his plan for you today.  He also says to tell you to read this Sunday’s First Reading about Moses and the Burning Bush.  That’s all for now.  P.S. I saw you not wash those dishes earlier too, you might want to get on that…”

Brian googles “Sunday Mass Readings”.  Reads about how Moses had much the same reaction when God told him of the plan to send Moses to Pharaoh as his representative to free the Hebrews.  Brian remembers the rest of that passage and how Moses tells God that he’s got the wrong guy – he’s got a stuttering problem, not to mention he had some enemies back there.  Surely there must be someone else.  Then God reassures him that he will be with him and that he’ll back him up.  Then Moses trusts, and sets out to do God’s work.

“Dear St. Peter (cc: God), I just re-read the passage about Moses and the burning bush.  I’m still very uncomfortable with the idea, but I’m willing to do it.  I’ll reach out to the guy.  Who knows, this could be the beginning of a great friendship, and hopefully he experiences God’s love through me.  And I’ll wash those dishes.”

“B! Do you mind if I call you B?  That’s great to hear.  Can’t wait to see what you think about tomorrow’s assignment, but I don’t want to spoil it.  I’ll just leave you with the suggestion to finish your coffee first before reading it, to avoid another spit-take.  In Christ, St. P.”

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