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26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

There has been a lot of talk in the news lately about the homeless, many cities in different states that are “overrun” with this problem of people living on the streets. Many in need who are hungry and without a place to lay their heads at night and so they take to the streets and live in cardboard boxes, tents and whatever they can find.

We hear statements like, “How this could be occurring in our country?” “How can these cities be allowing it?” “We must clean up this mess”. ”Get them off the streets”. Of course, it has become political and somehow along the way we have forgotten that these people, the homeless, the needy, are humans; in fact, they are our brothers and sisters, children of God, just like you and me.  Somehow along the way we have become blinded and cannot see them for who they truly are; we don’t see them the way Jesus does. How has this happened? Why so often do we choose to look the other way?

In the Gospel today, Jesus is telling us that far too often we are like that rich man at the gate where Lazarus sits day in and day out; we close our eyes, we look the other way. We often times are more concerned with ourselves than with what is taking place right under our noses. We are self-centered and without compassion or empathy. It is worth mentioning that Jesus does not even name the rich man while he does call Lazarus by name.

How many times, have I myself turned my head on a street and even walked in the opposite direction because I did not want to be face to face with a homeless person? Or how about when I have an opportunity at my Parish to donate to a food pantry or help serve at a soup kitchen? How often do I tell myself I am too busy, or someone else can do that?  Often times I find myself judging these people without knowing their story or what circumstances have led them to where they are.

The call today from Jesus in the Gospel is simple; now is the time for all of us to pray for open hearts, and eyes that see the way our Lord does. It should never be about judgement of others, but love for all. The Lord is asking us to act now and not wait.

Let us pray this week that Jesus will open the eyes of our hearts, so that we can not only see people for who they are, but pray  for them, love them and yes, serve them.  Let us pray that in all those in need we can see the face of Jesus.

Finally, I would encourage you to see what your Parish does to serve the poor and those in need and get involved. Go, make a difference in the lives of others, and in turn our world!

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