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32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Growing up, it always made me happy to teach my younger brother new things. Being the older sibling, I felt the need to show him how things are done based off my own experiences and everything I’ve learned from our dad.  From playing video games to climbing trees, I gladly stood in front of him and showed him the way. It made me proud to be his role model.

As we got older, he started finding his own way of doing things and even learned more than I ever did. This made me feel uneasy because I was no longer the one he looked up to for guidance. Whenever my brother would bring up a topic that I wasn’t too well versed in, I would challenge his knowledge and try to prove him wrong. After all, I was older and should be smarter than he is, right?

The Sadducees have a similar experience with Jesus this week.  They’ve been around the block, and this new preacher has come on the scene with some new teachings and new takes on things, and they’re not having it.  Like me and my brother, they’re a little shaken that they’re not the ones being looked to for that guidance anymore.

My initial thoughts were, “Why would you EVER do that!? Don’t they know that Jesus knows everything?” But of course they couldn’t see the whole picture, and their pride wasn’t helping either.

After reflecting back on my childhood, I realize that I’m really no different than the Sadducees.  They learned their way of life from their own experiences and through the teachings of their elders. They held on to their own beliefs and let pride take a hold of their hearts, to the point where they were reluctant to learn what Jesus had to offer them.  Eternal life in His kingdom in heaven! A place where no pain and suffering exist. Only an abundance of joy and love.

So for this week, let’s continue to challenge ourselves to look for Christ’s message in every person. He is always present in our every day lives and is always trying to show us ways to receive His love and enter His Kingdom. I pray that we can all let go of our pride so we can help each other get into heaven. And maybe let our little brothers teach us something new!

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